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ASKA3D Holographic Plates

*Custom Order. Special handling and minimum orders apply. Note: Asukanet Co., LTD manufactures and sells only ASKA3D Plates. Housing for the installation of ASKA3D Plates, built-in displays, PC,motion sensors and other equipment are not included. ASKA3D Holographic Plates are made in Japan. For integrated designs and other services, contact Holo Industries, their VARs, or Systems […]

Holograms: The wave of the future for hospitality

In 2014, Michael Jackson “performed” at the Billboard Music Awards, five years after his death. How was that possible? A hologram of the King of Pop was created complete with dance moves, which was synced with a backing track. Holograms have been used in the music business so all fans can “see” their heroes perform […]