ASK3D Glass & Plastic

Holographic Plates


This patented technology by ASKA3D sends light emitted by an image or object through a special glass plate, and collects that light on the other side of the plate at the same distance, to create an image or object identical to the original.

ASKA3D Holographic Plates are the gold standard in holograpic imagery and are represented by Holo Industries in Europe, the Middle East, North & South America, and Oceana.

Glass Plates

Glass plates achieve high image quality in mid-air and are ideal for digital signage, museums, retail stores, expositions, and other applications and venues.

Plastic Plates

Less expensive than glass, while still achieving a clear image quality in mid-air, plastic plates are well-suited for ATM’s restaurant menus, keypads, elevators, entry systems and other applications.

Variety of Sizes

Glass and plastic plates are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 50 mm (2”) to 630 mm (25”). The plates can also be cut to size to fit custom applications.

ASKA3D Holographic Plates

Specifications & Ordering Information

ASKA3D plates are an essential element in Holo Industries’ products. ASKA3D’s Holographic Plates, combined with Holo Industries’ proprietary optics, software and sensors creates Holographic TouchTM, a revolutionary technology that allows interaction with the projected images. Through the magic of Holographic Touch, users can swipe, scroll, spin objects & data — even sign their name — in mid-air.

Transmissive Dihedral Corner Reflector Array

As its name suggests, this reflector consists of two orthogonal specular surfaces that reflect the light to project images. The first angle of incidence and the second angle of emergence both have the same reflection angle, and the plate acts as a projection surface for displaying images in mid-air at :1 ratio

The Essential “Made in Japan” Technology

The plate consists of methodically-positioned vertical mirrors mere hundreds of microns in size. While the plate may seem like a simple two-layered mirror structure at first, the mirror positioning can only be achieved with the cutting-edge manufacturing technology typical of products “Made in Japan”.

Experience the value of real imagery

Users don’t need a mist-like invisible screen or special glasses to see the projected images. ASKA3D technology collects light emitted by objects within a space, and then disperses the collected light from that space. Thus, users can see the image of an object in that space just like they see the light emitted by the actual object.

ASKA3D Holographic Plates

Product NumberCompositionSize in MilimetersSize in Inches (HxWxD) Image Size “ (approx).
ASKA3D-50NT*Plastic43.18 X 43.18 X 6.31 7/8 X 1 7/8 X .251.30
ASKA3D-100NT*Plastic94 X 94 X 6.33 7/8 X 3 7/8 X .253.25
ASKA3D-200NTPlastic200 X 200 x 6.37.9 X 7.9 X .257
ASKA3D-250NTPlastic250 X 250 x 6.39.84 X 9.84 X .258.5
ASKA3D-150Glass150 X 150 X 3.35.3 X 5.3 X .137
ASKA3D-200Glass200 X 200 x 5.97.9 X 7.9 X .237
ASKA3D-310Glass310 X 310 X 5.912.2 X 12.2 X .2311
ASKA3D-420Glass420 X 420 X 5.916.5 X 16.5 X .2315
ASKA3D-630Glass630 X 630 X 5.924.8 X 24.8 X .2321

*Custom Order. Special handling and minimum orders apply.

Note: Asukanet Co., LTD manufactures ASKA3D Plates.

Housing for the installation of ASKA3D Plates, built-in displays, PC, motion sensors and other equipment are not included. For integrated designs and other services, contact Holo Industries, their VARs, or Systems Integrators.
Holo Industries products are Made in the USA. 

All product specifications in this data sheet are subject to change without notice.

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