Asukanet invests in Holo Industries’ Holographic Touch TM Technology

Investment accelerates development of holographic solutions for germ-free interaction…

June 15, 2021 (Cottage Grove, Oregon) – Japanese technology firmAsukanet Co., Ltd, has invested an undisclosed amount in Holo Industries LLC, the manufacturer of contactless, Holographic TouchTM products. Asukanet is the world’s leading provider of holographic “ASKA3D-Plates”.

Holographic Touch is a disruptive technology for contactless interaction: For the first time, users do more than simply see a holograph—they can safely touch, pinch, scroll, and spin any image effortlessly in mid-air. The technology is made possible with Asukanet’s ASKA3D holographic plates, sensors, and Holo Industries’ proprietary software and hardware components. The resulting holographic image is clear and precise and provides an impressive 50-millisecond response time.

“This investment is an important part of our strategy of increasing sales and adoption of holographic plates through integration in end-user solutions in banking, mobility, consumer, hospitality, and other applications,” says Yuji Matsuo, Asukanet’s CEO. “Our positive relationship and the rapid adoption of Holographic Touch by a number of forward-thinking companies in our key vertical markets has convinced us Holo Industries’ technology is the future of safe, germ-free interaction.”

According to Glenn ImObersteg, CEO of Holo Industries, the company has been using ASKA3D’s holographic plates in all its designs: “Not only are they the gold standard in the industry, but Asukanet’s engineering, sales, and marketing support has been exemplary. Their investment will enable us to accelerate product development and deployment in many of our target markets.

“The investment is very timely: Holographic Touch was initially invented as a safe and germ-free way for employees and customers to interact in mid-air so businesses could thrive during the pandemic, but, in the past year, many new and innovative uses have emerged, and the demand for our holographic solutions has been unprecedented.”

Holo Industries has designed and delivered Holographic Touch products to companies with applications ranging from ATM and point of sale to hotel check-in, medical, transportation, elevators, vending, retail, and more.

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