Reducing Pathogen Transmission in Hospitals with Holographic Technology

Mobile medication and point-of-care computer carts are indispensable tools in the modern healthcare facility. However, they are also vectors for germs and other infectious agents.

Sterilization and disinfecting carts, monitors and other devices still leaves the potential for residual germs and potential transmission, However, If the human-machine interaction is done completely in mid-air, it dramatically reduces the chance for transmitting HAIs, and protects patients, staff and visitors alike.

HoloMed™️ devices provide safe and germ-free interaction for staff, patients and visitors and can be used in a variety of health care applications including medical carts, surgical and patient monitors, registration systems, hospital room controls, elevators, cafeterias and gift shop merchant terminals.

Patient Services

From self check-in to elevators, the patient experience can be completely touchless.

Medical Equipment

Patient monitors, remotes and beds can be completely controlled by a mid-air image that you’re able to interact with.

Diagnostic Tools

Pre-existing windows, linux and android devices can easily be transformed into holographic touch systems even while using surgical gloves.

If your team has preexisting solutions and would be interested in a collaborative effort to develop Holographic Touch medical devices, we invite you to reach out to us.