Interactive Holographs In Retail

Intro: A 2020 report on the global holographic market projects that the rising adoption of holographic displays for marketing in the retail sector will be one of the main factors fueling its market growth.

Using interactive holographic displays to engage customers and increase sales.

The Covid pandemic has lured customers in increasing numbers from brick-and-mortor retail stores to on-line shopping. In one report, online sales were up 39% in Q1 2021, and the numbers of customers transitioning to ecommerce continues to grow. In an effort to draw customers back, merchants are explor- ing exciting and unique new technologies like experiential marketing, and holographic displays. This use case examines how the use of interactive holographic displays can re-energize in-person shopping.

The “Surprise” Factor

Using Holographic displays in retail isn’t a recent phenomenon: both Coca-Cola and Kellogg’s have attempted to capitalize on the “Surprise Factor” (the reaction that consumers get when they first encounter a hologram), and have included the technology in their marketing strategy since 2009. The results were astounding: Kellogg’s attributed a 60% increase in sales of Special K Cereal that was a direct result of a holographic campaign at selected French retailers.

Go from Passive to Interactive Holograms.

Holographic imagery has proliferated in recent years, and while it is highly successful in capturing the customer’s attention, traditional holography only provides visual and auditory stimulation, but has been neither interactive nor responsive— until now.

Mid air watch

Kiosks, digital signage and terminals equipped with Holographic TouchTM technology provide a true and responsive user interface. Now, instead of merely view- ing a holograph, customers can access data and images, scroll, pinch, enlarge, order products, sign their name and even pay in mid-air!

A New Paradigm in Holographic Displays

Holographic TouchTM from Holo Industries is a transformative new technology that provides accurate and responsive mid-air interaction — without the use of special lighting, glasses or headgear.

Holographic Imaging in airport

Expand your store’s footprint and draw traffic by beaming holographic images and videos outside in the street or walk- ways like this display at Haneda Airport in Japan.

The Countless Benefits of Holographic Touch

Contactless and germ-free Holographic Touch is the ideal solution for businesses who wish to thrive now and in a post-pandemic world. Mid-air interaction also means there’s no surface smudges or clean-up required.

Holo’s products work out-of-the-box. Integrate our convenient modules into existing counter-tops or wall units, create your own programs or simply connect to terminals or CPUs and instantly display holographic images or videos.

Holographic Touch Solutions are available in sizes from counter-top-size 200 mm (8”) units to 1050 mm (41”) for stunning holographic wall displays.

Purchase or lease options are offered for merchants that want to promote special brands or a store opening for a limited time, or keep as permanent displays.

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