About Us

For over 40 years Convergence Promotions has been at the forefront of developing systems and products for emerging technologies. Our partner ecosystems have helped create new, and often disruptive applications in the software, microprocessor, power, optical and mechatronic industries including smart cards, wearables, surgical robotics, autonomous vehicles and more.

In 2014 we established a national sales network to sell and support Systems on Modules for the industrial space, and three years later added precision drives to our product line and opened an engineering department to work with our surgical robotic customers. With the addition of Neonode Sensor Modules in 2018 and ASKA3D Holographic Plates shortly thereafter, we had the necessary tools, experience and technical know-how to develop a Contactless-Touch Holographic System. We began development in March 2020—just as the world was waking to a new type of virus, and a new pathogen-free imperative.

The demand for our Contactless-Touch Holographic solutions has been unprecedented, and by Independence Day 2020, we will begin shipping the first generation of Holographic Touch products under the brand HOLO Industries, to many of the world’s leading elevator and kiosk manufacturers.

Company History

1990-2000: Microprocessor Ecosystem Development

  • ARM Connected Community in EMEA, US, and APAC
  • AMD, Motorola, Freescale, Intel, Siemens, Infineon, Atmel and Microsoft Hardware & Software Ecosystems
  • ARM TechCon & Embedded Universities in Germany and US
  • ARM IQ Magazine in US, EMEA, China and Japan.

1990-2014: Supply Chain & Distributor Programs

  • Joint-Venture Partner with Hearst Media
  • Joint-Venture Partner with Arrow Electronics,
  • Search engines and product development for Lighting, Power and Microcontroller programs for Arrow, Avnet, and DigiKey.

2015-2020 Product Development and Sales

North American Trading Partner and Distributor for:

  • Future Robotix: Precision Medical, Consumer and Industrial Robotics
  • Neonode Sensor Modules
  • ASKA3D Optical Holographic Plates
  • Contactless & Holographic Solutions