Mission Statement
To help shape the future of safe human-machine interaction

Company Vision
To be the leading global provider of contactless holographic touch solutions.

Company Overview:
In March 2019 Holo industries inrtroduced Holographic TouchTM. It was a huge break-through in the art of holography. For the first time, users can not only see a holograph —they can touch it, pinch, scroll, spin and manipulate any image in mid-air. It was a watershed moment for Human-Machine Interaction: Through the genius of Holographic Touch, users can experience a clear, colorful and detailed mid-air interactive experience, anytime, anywhere.

This disruptive technology is made possible through Holo’s partnership with ASKA3D, the developer of the patented holographic optical plastic and glass plates, and the integration of Infra-Red (IR) sensors and other software and hardware components. The touch interface using the an IR sensor is so accurate, it facilitates even the most precise interaction with elevator buttons, ATMs, pay terminal and key-pads, restaurant menus, airport, hotel, hospital and supermarket check-in and check-out kiosks, and more. In addition to visual response to every action, the touch holograph provides aural fedback in an infinite number of sounds and tones.

Our Holographic Touch solutions were introduced at the same time as another game-changing event: the Covid-19 pandemic. By March 2020, the world became pathogen-conscious, and social-distancing became the “New Normal”. In response for the demand for safe, germ-free interaction on public surfaces, Companies scrambled to invent technological solutions to mitigate infection to customers and employees, and numerous solutions flooded the market. Most of these solutions are expensive, impractical and require enormous amounts of engineering to retrofit and integrate into new systems.

Our customers tell us that aftter evaluation or testing,  none of these solution come close to the simplicity of the new germ-free, touchless, mid-air interaction provided by Holo Industries. Our plug-and-play solutions are not only instantly operational, but at less than $2,000, the cost is considerably less expensive than the alternatives.

Holo Industries is designing an on-line, patented, Holographic Content Management SystemTM (HCMS), for a flexible, and easy-to-use software platform to facilitate the input of client content. Customers will be able to register to access our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for applications such as Point-of-Sales, ATMs,  menus, and elevators.

Our design team is currently evaluating the best way to integrate Haptics into holographic touch, and we expect that by 2022, customers will be able to not only touch, see and hear, but feel each interaction with the holograph.

Equipping holographic units with proximity sensors to detect the presence of customers will add a new capability to the product line: the ability to only activate in the presence of a customer will save energy, and recording transaction time and activity will provide valuable customer data to the supplier and proprietor.

Holo Industries has signed a global network of over 100 sales reps & engineers, distributors, Value-Added-Resellers (VARs) and product integrators to sell and support the holographic product line and ASKA3D plates.

Holo Industries has the product solutions for pathogen mitigation, and will continue to be a leading remedy as the world enters a ‘New Normal’ of cautionary public interaction in the years to come. Holographic Touch, as a new technology, will also find new and exciting avenues of experession and continue to be a viable and unique medium with an ever-expanding universe of innovative applications.