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Businesses everywhere are investing in contactless technologies, and Holo Indus-tries’ mid-air Holographic TouchTM is a practical and easy-to-implement solution already being used by dozens of the world’s leading companies.

From touchless ATMs, holographic menus, and contactless lavatory devices, to mall maps and transportation routes, our Holographic Touch is being utilized in ever-increasing applications.

Using Holo Industries’ VARs, systems integrators and manufacturers to design and produce their products, customers can quickly see their applications transformed from touch into a new holographic reality. 


Plug & Play

Holo’s products run on Windows, Linux or Android systems. Use HDMI and USB cables to connect to networks through smart terminals or CPUs to instantly display images or videos as a clear holograph.


Holographic systems are available in sizes from 50mm to 630mm,* and can be displayed in either vertical (for kiosks or wall-mouted displays) or horizontal (for counter-top or other surfaces) formats.

Accurate & Responsive

AAll systems are accurate to 2mm, with zero latency. Pinch to enlarge, zoom, scroll and swipe. Fully functionable in hot and cold weather, day and night — even with gloves on!

Demos & Prototypes Features, Benefits & Models


  • Easy to install & Operate
  • Operates on Windows, Linux or Android systems
  • Interfaces seamlessly with BOH and over networks , IOT, etc.
  • Contactless and germ-free
  • Works in dark or light, indoors or out
  • Holographic Plates available in the following sizes:
    • 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm,
      310mm , 420mm, 630mm*
  • Tamper-proof and scratch-resistant screen.
  • ADA-Compliant
  • Less clean-up: no direct contact= no fingerprints or smudges
  • Global sales and engineering support

*Sizes larger than 630mm available Q1, 2022

Top Left: HOLO Library registration and check-out stand, Top Right: HOLO building entry keypad

ATMs & Banking

Restaurants, Bars & Hotels

Military & Industrial



Retail Stores & Exhibitions

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