Reducing Pathogen Transmission in Hospitals with Holographic Technology

Contactless and germ-free Holographic Touch is the ideal solution for businesses who wish to thrive now and in a post-pandemic world. Mid-air interaction also means there’s no surface smudges or clean-up required.

Holo’s products work out-of-the-box. Integrate our convenient modules into existing counter-tops or wall units, create your own programs or simply connect to terminals or CPUs and instantly display holographic images or videos.

Holographic Touch Solutions are available in sizes from counter-top-size 200 mm (8”) units to 1050 mm (41”) for stunning holographic wall displays. Purchase or lease options are offered for merchants that want to promote special brands or a store opening for a limited time, or keep as permanent displays.

Call us today, and let us show you how Holographic Touch can add an exciting new dimension to your store.

Digital Signage

Captivate traffic in front of your store front by having interactive holographic images projected through windows. This digital signage can stay on after hours to capture, sales and customer engagement

Point Of Sale

In store point of sale systems can be upgraded to be completely touchless with Holographic Touch. We’re working with Partner Tech to employ “turn-key” drop in devices for your store.

Credit Card Terminals

Let customers finish a payment completely contactless. Signing can be done with a finger mid-air. Pins can be entered with a sense of privacy due to the field of view limited to that of the user.

If your team has preexisting solutions and would be interested in a collaborative effort to develop Holographic Touch retail devices, we invite you to reach out to us.