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ASKA3D Holographic Plates

*Custom Order. Special handling and minimum orders apply. Note: Asukanet Co., LTD manufactures and sells only ASKA3D Plates. Housing for the installation of ASKA3D Plates, built-in displays, PC,motion sensors and other equipment are not included. ASKA3D Holographic Plates are made in Japan. For integrated designs and other services, contact Holo Industries, their VARs, or Systems […]

Arribatec Launches world’s first Germ-free
Holographic Hotel Registration System

Arribatec, a global provider of digital business solutions and a leader in the hospitality industry, has teamed with Holo Industries, the creator of Holographic TouchTM, to develop the world’s first holographic check-in system for the hospitality industry. Holo Industries’ Holographic Touch is a huge break-through in contactless interaction: for the first time, users can not […]

Elek-Data.DK – Large-Format Holographic Solutions (Sept. 2021)

We’re proud to announce a recent feature in “Elek-Data.DK”! is the website and magazine for innovations in the electronic and data industries. Their focus is on engineers, technicians and decision-makers who are employed in the Danish electronics industry, brings up-to-date industry and technology news from both home and abroad. Our feature was on […]

Electronic Specifier Feature – Large-Format Holographic Solutions (Sept. 2021)

We’re proud to announce a recent feature in “Electronic Specifier” a media group that has a demonstrated history with websites, blogs, e-newsletters and digital magazines with an audience base predominately in Europe. Subject matter found in their products is centric towards engineers with a requirement to move from concept development to production line; including new […]