Holo Industries strikes the media’s fancy at 2022 CES

Holo Industries Promotion Reel for CES 2022

Above is the demonstration reel that we played on our 630mm Holographic Image unit. This year at the Consumer Electronic Show we demonstrated our Holographic Touch solutions an had astounding reception. The demonstration units included a mid-air touch restaurant menu, jewelry point of sale system, large scale entertainment hologram, hotel kiosk check in, ATM key pad, and Pac-Man arcade game. All of these demonstrations were completely contactless though highly interactive. Contact us today on how we can get you up and running with this disruptive technology!

Hardisk X Holo Industries Interview with our CTO

At the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show we had the pleasure of having the famous Youtube channel “Hardisk” interview our founder and CTO. Watch the full video to see demonstrations, company vision, and potential applications.

Have questions about potential integration into your existing product line? We encourage you to reach out to us via the contact us page HERE.

Nerd News Social X Remove High Touch Points With Holo Industries

As stated by Nerd News Social “The days of sci-fi are upon us, as the world envisioned by Minority Report begins to be more and more realistic. No, not the crime monitoring system, but the hologram computer. Now holograms have existed for a while, and so have projected keyboards. Technology has always been clunky and unimpressive. That being said, we stopped by the Holo Industries booth at CES, and what we saw was a step above, and leap closer to the computers of Tom Cruise’s film. Holo Industries is able to produce holograms to meet the client’s needs, including menus, interactive displays, or whatever is needed. The screen produces the hologram above the surface, or off-bound of it depending on the installation orientation. The screens are high quality and produce full color. Then the user is able to manipulate and accept specific objects within the space.”

SELTECH X Holo Industries