CES interview at Holo Industries with ASKA3D, Holo Industries’ Technology Partner!


CES 2022 interview at Holo Industries booth with ASKA3D, Holo Industries’ Technology Partner. Mr. Tojo discusses the origins of ASKA3D’s holographic technologies, the integration of the mid-air touch component, and the mission of Holo Industries! Interviewee: Hiroyuki Tojo, Asukanet AI Business Development Manager. (In Japanese with English Translation)

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English translation of CES interview

My name is Hiroyuki Tojo from Asukanet Co., Ltd.
I am the deputy manager of the Aerial Display Division.

Asukanet Co., Ltd. has three businesses, the first of which is the Funeral Division.

We are in the business of processing photos of the deceased throughout Japan.
The second is the Photo Publishing Division. In this Division we process photos on demand.

The third is the Aerial Display Division.
We develop and sell special devices that project images in mid-air.
The Aerial Display Division started in 2011.
We have been working on the international expansion of this business since 2016.
At this year’s CES, we are exhibiting in cooperation with our North American distributor, Holo Industries LLC.

Our ASKA 3D plate is a special plate that can project images in mid-air.
The diffused light emitted from the LCD underneath the plate passes through this plate and forms an image in mid-air on the upper side of the plate. You can see the image floating in mid-air with your eyes.

The ASKA3D plate can project images in mid-air.
The diffused light emitted from the LCD is re-imaged in mid-air through this plate. From there, it can be further diffused.

By adding a sensor to the aerial image formation, non-contact operation in mid-air can be achieved. The ASKA 3D Plate can project images in mid-air.
The diffused light emitted from the LCD is diffused again in mid-air and can be recognized by the eye as light.

We have a distributorship agreement with Holo Industries starting in 2020.
With their excellent development capabilities and sales network, we will develop the North American market.

By combining their technology with ours, a variety of products can be realized.
Contactless operation with aerial images of various products such as automobiles, restaurants, ATMs, etc. can be realized.

Since our technology is new, we see many people surprised and amused when they see it for the first time.

We hope that this technology, which we have been developing for many years, will be useful in fighting infectious diseases.