Holo Industries X PartnerTech EU take 2022 EuroCIS by storm!

(Düsseldorf, Germany) EuroCIS is show synonymous for cutting edge technology, processes, and software in the retail sector. May of 2022, our team joined PartnerTech as they debuted their new “Bora-Bora” self-checkout unit for the first time at this show. This unit is the first of its kind and illustrates the beginning of a new era of contactless checkout. Bora-Bora features one our Holographic Touch™ demo units, manufactured in Sacramento by our team. This unit is accompanied by propriety housing design, software and use case with PartnerTech’s team.  With our newly solidified partnership with PartnerTech EU we aim to become fully immersed in this market segment and create a truly contactless method of purchasing goods, and services within EU. Current market offerings lack the ability to do this, as at certain euro thresholds force to enter details that either require touching or signing. With Holographic Touch™ all these machine interactions can be done completely mid-air with your finger, a glove, or stylus.


            At the show PartnerTech’s booth was a main attraction as it offered a variety of solutions to accommodate the needs of the retail to consumer market. However, the Bora-Bora was one of the stars of the show; it featured technology unlike any other that was displayed. Traffic was a nonissue and sales representatives had their time filled with both passerby’s and scheduled client meetings. The consensus to the attendees was that Holographic Touch™ not only is a safe cutting-edge technology that will be adopted in the space, but also that it provides a level of engagement not achievable by standard touch screens. As all new technologies come with a learning curve some took a moment to figure out the function and depth of holographic touch, however the vast majority took to it like a kid in a candy store.


            This type of reception is exactly what our team was looking for; self-checkout is something that’s been around for quite some time and has perceptively been slow to taken by the public until these past few years. At this point in time, we are seeing a shift to self-checkout as it allows for a speedy process, along with the overhead cost benefits for brick-and-mortar stores. With Holographic Touch™ integrated it will be the next step in the puzzle of progression. Covid-19 has resurged the conscious thoughts of pathogen mitigation at all corners from consumers and with these public retail kiosks there are high levels of traffic associated with them. If only to slow that roll Holographic Touch™ will be there with Holo Industries and PartnerTech leading the way.